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    Day 150, August 31 is almost here!!!
    Stay Motivated Power Walkers!
    Power Walking 150
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    West Virginia Radio
    Promotes Power Walking 150!
    If you listen to 58WCHS, V100, 98.7 the Beat or 96.1 The Wolf, you already know that West Virginia
    Radio Corporation stations are sponsoring and promoting Power Walking 150. Radio personalities and
    their listeners are dedicating themselves to the cause: healthier living and a healthier Charleston.
    Thanks for joining the cause!
    Thanks to all of our sponsors who are making the inaugural season of Power Walking 150 a success: the West Virginia Power,
    University of Charleston Graduate School of Business, Tgraphics, CAMC Health Systems,
    Brickstreet Insurance, the Charleston Town Center and West Virginia Radio Corporation.

PowerWalking 150 Important Dates

Only 50 days left!!!

Day 100 has arrived! As you walk the miles let us know how you are doing and what routes you are taking!

Final Day!

Day 150 is Sunday, August 31! Celebrate with us at the Appalachian Power Park on Monday, September 1

PowerWalking 150 Questions

Can I send a check?

Yes, you can simply download our registration form and send us a check. We will use this information to send your t-shirt.

Are Runners Allowed?

Yes, runners are encouraged to participate in our project!

Where can I walk or run?

Anywhere you want? You can access some of our trails and tracks on our walk page or feel free to create your own tracks.

Tell Us About Your Progress!

Power Walking 150 ends on August 31! Let us know how many miles you've logged through our Facebook and Twitter feeds.